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Zarina is a copywriter in the ad industry by day and an unpaid blogger by night. In fact, she started this blog just for the hell of it. So why should you listen to her dating advice over your own friends, you ask? Because your friends may be the type of people who like to spare your feelings and let you learn by doing instead of saving you deep, tragic heartache. Well, as she’s been told time after time again, she’s clearly not one of those beat-around-the-bush friends.

Zarina is not a relationship expert either, but she has had a great share of dates in her ten years of dating since junior year of High School. Which basically means she’s been on more than 416 dates which is equivalent to 10,000 hours, which the internet says, it takes you 10,000 hours to master a craft. So, good enough explanation for me.

On a serious note — awkwardly getting out of third person now — I’ve had my ups and downs of dating just like anyone else. I myself am still trying to figure it out but I hope the lessons I’ve learned so far can help you as much as my friends said I’ve helped them.

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